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The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth – Dexter And Melon's Story

Dexter's Story

One young rabbit (B969) named Dexter by staff arrived on 2nd February 2009 and was initially used in one test before being transferred to the pyrogen colony in March.

On 2nd April 2009, his records show that he was taken back to his cage because he had become so distressed in the stocks that he could not be used.

Despite this, Dexter was subsequently used in three pyrogen tests and then killed on 21st May 2009 as part of the test in what staff callously called a “one way trip”.

He had been at Wickham for less than 4 months. His short life of misery had thankfully come to an end.



Melon's Story

Another young lively rabbit (BK009) called Melon arrived at Wickham on 15th June 2009.

He was to be used in the pyrogenicity tests but on 25th August his left ear was badly bruised when a member of staff was unable to inject him with a substance. After a few days, it was decided that his damaged ear was not suitable for pyrogen tests.

Thus, no longer serving a purpose at Wickham, he was killed by a lethal injection on 8th September. His body was put into a bin liner and placed in the freezer. Another young life ended.