Undercover Investigations

A Living Nightmare

The shocking and disturbing exposé of monkey suffering in a leading EU laboratory.

Sheep Suffering

Sheep suffering for research into neurological disorders, including Batten’s disease and Huntington’s disease.

Our Best Friends Born To Die Investigation

The appalling killing of puppies and kittens BORN TO DIE in a UK laboratory.

Licensed To Kill

The BUAV uncovers the terrible plight of animals used in research at a leading UK university.

Primate Trade Investigations

Find out about the BUAV’s hard-hitting investigations into the international trade in primates for research.

The Ugly Truth

Uncovered: a major BUAV undercover investigation exposes the reality of life and death inside one UK laboratory.

The Ugly Truth About Botox

The BUAV’s exposé of the use of thousands of mice in cruel botox testing at Wickham Research Laboratory, Hampshire.

Making A Killing

The first ever in-depth exposé of the suffering involved in the breeding of beagles for the research industry.

Secret Suffering

The BUAV’s pioneering investigation into the plight of beagles at the Huntingdon Research Centre.

Stray Cats And Dogs In EU Labs

Our exposé into the breaches in EU legislation which led to stray animals being used in research laboratories.

What The Eye Doesn’t See

The plight of hundreds of mice, rabbits and guinea-pigs in toxicity testing at Wickham Research Laboratory in 1992.