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Stop the baby trade

Primate Campaign

Campaign: The BUAV leads the campaign to end the international trade in nonhuman primates for research. We are a major force in taking on primate dealers, governments and research laboratories - striking at the very heart of the primate research industry.

Time and time again, our pioneering and hard-hitting investigations have exposed the brutality and cruelty inflicted on monkeys during their capture, confinement, caging, transportation and eventual death in the laboratory.

Stop the Baby Trade is the latest campaign call by the BUAV in our global effort to end the international trade in primates for research. This campaign slogan poignantly illustrates one of the horrors of the primate trade – the forced early separation of a mother from her infant. We are campaigning against a ruthless industry that imprisons our closet living relatives in factory farms to produce offspring for a life of misery, suffering and ultimately death.



Ricky Gervais supports BUAV campaign to Stop the Baby Trade:

"Imprisoning monkeys and snatching their babies is a disgusting way to treat other primates. Monkeys are highly intelligent beings who feel pain and distress, just like us.Please support the BUAV to end this shameful cruelty. We must stop the baby trade.” 


As part of this campaign, our latest investigation reveals a brutal trade in primates for  research on the island of Mauritius. Our investigators accompanied trappers and secretly filmed inside  monkey farms. We uncovered a trade that inflicts terror and suffering on wild monkeys, rips families  apart, imprisons some for life as breeding ‘machines’ in factory farms and sends others on long  journeys overseas, with airlines such as Air France, where they will suffer and die in cruel experiments.  Mauritius is a major supplier of primates to the international research industry, including to laboratories  in the UK, Europe and USA.

 Find out more about our latest investigation in Mauritius
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The BUAV recently merged with PACE (People Against Chimpanzee Experiments) pooling our expertise to help end the use of great apes in research. Find out more

The BUAV continues to face new challenges in its efforts to end the international trade in primates for  research. There is still much work to be done and we are determined to keep the pressure on a trade  that inflicts such cruelty on hundreds of thousands of animals every year.

Find out more about the BUAV’s investigations into the brutal primate trade. You can also view the latest information on which airlines transport primates for the research industry and what happens to them at their final destinations – imprisonment in the cold metal cages of the laboratory.  

Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister of Mauritius.

Ricky Gervais photo credit: Julie Edwards