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Clean up Cruelty

Clean Up Cruelty

Campaign: Success for BUAV as Government pledges to ban the cruel use of animals to test household products.


Please continue to support our Clean Up Cruelty campaign

The new Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition has included a pledge to ban the use of animals to test household products in its joint plans for government. This is a major achievement for the BUAV. A big thank you to all of you who wrote to your MPs on this crucial issue!

The BUAV has led the campaign to end the cruel and unnecessary use of animals in household product testing. Our high profile and successful campaign, Clean Up Cruelty gained widespread support from politicians, retailers and the public.

Please continue to support our Clean Up Cruelty campaign. Here’s what you can do if you’re:


Workplace letter / Council letter / Student union letter

You can also Lobby your MP to make sure they pledge to use only cruelty-free products in their constituency offices.

Check out who has already pledged to go cruelty-free using our interactive map.

The campaign so far

Do you know what goes in to the making of your cleaning products? Animals can be used in the testing of many cleaning products and their ingredients in the UK.

We want to convince Parliament to make a small change to legislation not unlike the change made to ban animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients. It only takes enough MPs to realise that unnecessary suffering is being inflicted and that a small change will make a huge difference to animals in the UK.

An important change has happened before and it’s only a matter of time before it will again…

Since its inception in March 2008, the BUAV have taken Clean Up Cruelty around the UK, visiting MPs and politicians from the devolved assemblies to get them to make their offices cruelty-free.