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Taking our No Cruel Cosmetics campaign to Brussels

Today I am heading off to Brussels along with other BUAV staff members and our colleagues in the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) for what promises to be a busy few days for our No Cruel Cosmetics campaign. 

For twenty years the BUAV and the ECEAE have been at the fore of campaigning to end the use of animals to test cosmetics in the EU. We have tirelessly raised the issue over the years and in 2009 we were successful in achieving a ban on animal testing for cosmetics across the EU. For the past two years we have campaigned for the implementation of the marketing ban to come into effect as planned in 2013 - this would end animal testing taking place in the rest of the world for beauty products sold in the EU. 

We believe it is inconsistent for the European Union to ban animal testing for cosmetics within the EU on moral grounds, but allow the import of products tested on animals outside the EU. Increasing numbers of cosmetics companies have stopped this practice and it is time for Europe to take the lead and end the sale of all cosmetics in Europe that have been tested on animals. Such a ban is highly significant and would have major implications for cosmetics animal testing around the world. 

I am really proud of the achievements the BUAV and the ECEAE have accomplished on behalf of animals in laboratories. Over the years, our high profile public campaigning, political work, celebrity support, widespread media coverage and ground breaking scientific report challenging the European Commission’s assumption of the necessity of animal testing for cosmetics and detailing the alternative approaches available to cosmetics companies, has ensured the issue remains firmly on the EU political agenda. 

Finally, thank you to everyone who has supported our No Cruel Cosmetics campaign. If you have not signed our petition, then please do so at www.NoCruelCosmetics.org.    

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