The ADAPT principles on alternatives to animal testing are launched at World Congress


Scientists from Cruelty Free International and the BUAV are launching a ground breaking new report about alternatives to animal testing at the World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in Prague, Czech Republic.

The World Congress is a week-long event that takes place every three years with over 1,000 participants from 50 countries. It brings together influential scientists, animal welfare organisations, companies and regulators to discuss the use of animals in experiments and the progress that has been made to replace their use.

Cruelty Free International and the BUAV’s Dr Katy Taylor will be presenting the ‘ADAPT’ report to attendees at a session on ‘Regulatory acceptance of alternatives’ today. The acronym ADAPT stands for Assessment, Decision, Acceptance, Policing and Transparency. It represents the various stages at which regulators need to act to ensure they are not unnecessarily holding up the implementation of methods that replace animals used in toxicity tests

Dr Taylor said:This event is a real opportunity to make sure that animals in laboratories have a voice. The ADAPT report is designed for regulatory bodies and policy makers to show them the steps they need to take to help the uptake of alternative methods. Our experiences with REACH, and other legislation that can lead to animal testing, is that alternative methods often get ‘stuck’ in the regulatory process because it is unclear who has responsibility for making sure they are used. “

“We will be asking national and international regulators to adopt the ADAPT principles and demonstrate to stakeholders that they have the correct policies in place to ensure alternatives are used as soon as they become available.”

Cruelty Free International has a stand at the World Congress from 24th to 28th August 2014 and will be distributing copies of the ADAPT report in addition to papers authored by its science team.