BUAV features in “Light in Dark Places” an exhibition on the anti-vivisection movement at The National Museum of Animals and Society in LA.


The National Museum of Animals and Society in LA has launched an exhibition, “Light in Dark Places: The anti-vivisection movement from Victorian era to present day." An important part of this exhibition is the work of the BUAV and our huge contribution to the anti-vivisection movement, whichwas founded in 1898 by Frances Power Cobbe, a formidable women’s rights campaigner and philanthropist. The BUAV has worked with the museum to provide artefacts from our history for the exhibition which is running from 10th May to 3rd August 2014.

We are proud that Frances Power Cobbe is being honoured in the exhibition for her pioneering role in the early anti-vivisection movement. Also in pride of place is a life size version of Cruelty Free International’s infographic detailing the story of our 20 year campaign to achieve the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

The BUAV’s vision is to create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals. Please help us to achieve this goal by taking action.


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