Multi-million selling children’s author, Janey Jones, speaks out in support of Our Best Friends


The sad reality for many dogs and cats in UK laboratories is a life of unnecessary suffering and the BUAV and Janey want to bring this to an end.

Janey says: “My Labrador, Buddy, is my trusted other. He knows EVERYTHING. His soulful eyes say more than words ever could. He likes routine so he helps me keep a routine. He likes all his loved people rounded up together. A straggler on a walk will be herded back into the gang. When he joined us as a baby, I was definitely mummy. He was frustrating - ate every last bit of my best gold sandals and lots of pretty bras. He was silly, naughty, funny, puppy-ish. But somewhere along the line, he has matured beyond me. I tell him my woes, he listens wisely. Still sits on my lap which comforts us both. Sometimes he's puppy-ish on his walks. I hope that never ends. The thought of dogs being used in experiments is deeply shocking and that's why I support the BUAV Our Best Friends campaign to ban such experimentation."

Home Office statistics report that 3,214 dogs and 202 cats were used in experiments in Great Britain in 2012. This represents a 6% increase for dogs and a 32% increase for cats on the previous year.

Most experiments carried out on dogs are toxicity (or poisoning) tests. The dogs may be injected with or force fed drugs and chemicals and then observed for signs of adverse (toxic) effects that include vomiting, internal bleeding and organ damage, seizures, paralysis - even death. They are killed at the end of the experiment.

The BUAV Chief Executive, Michelle Thew, said: “It is wonderful that Janey has chosen to support our campaign and we urge the public to join both her and the BUAV and make their voices heard by signing our petition today at”

Other celebrities who are supporting our campaign include Greg Rutherford, Mary McCartney, Kirsty Gallacher, Jilly Cooper, Ricky Gervais, Paul O’Grady, Kimberly Wyatt, Chris Packham, Helen Skelton, Dave Spikey, Miranda Richardson, Wendy Turner Webster and Ann Widdecombe.