Save Our Monkeys is calling on the Hindu community to think of the monkeys of Mauritius while they celebrate Maha Shivaratri


As from Tuesday, representatives from the BUAV's Save Our Monkeys team will be joining Hindu groups in Mauritius, welcoming pilgrims en route to the Grand Bassin celebrating Maha Shivaratri, while raising awareness of the plight of the Mauritius monkeys by leafleting, and showcasing our Hindi Song Vanaaron Ka Udhaar ‘Save the Monkeys’.

With a large Hindu population, Save Our Monkeys is calling on the Hindu community who worship and pray to the ‘monkey god’ Lord Hanuman, to reflect on the terrible cruelty and suffering that is being inflicted upon the monkeys in Mauritius. We are appealing to the Hindu community to speak out for the monkeys of Mauritius, and help us end the cruel trade on the island. India banned the export of its population of macaques for research in 1978, and Save Our Monkeys believes that Mauritius can and should follow India’s lead, and take a positive stand against the monkey trade. 

Mauritius is one of the world’s largest suppliers of primates for the research industry, exporting thousands of monkeys every year to laboratories around the world. 

Monkeys are imprisoned within large concrete farms across the island, used as breeding machines to produce offspring sold to research companies primarily in the USA and European Union, including the UK. They are subjected to experiments that will likely cause pain, discomfort and suffering and finally death at the end of this terrible and disturbing ordeal.

Many leading religious and socio cultural groups have already spoken out in support of the efforts of Save Our Monkeys. Celebrities including international Bollywood actor R.Madhaven and prominent Indian politician, animal and environment campaigner Mrs Maneka Gandhi MP have both expressed their concern about the Mauritius monkey trade.