Our Best Friends photo competition winners


We are proud to announce the winners of the Our Best Friends photo competition.

Our winning feline is rescue cat Flossie - Elaine’s Best Friend. Rehomed from The Scratching Post Cat Rescue in Waltham Abbey, Flossie follows Elaine around like a little lamb, 'chatting' away with her cat chirrups and meows. She always comes to the front door when she hears Elaine come home in the car.

Sue Parslow, Editor of Your Cat magazine, said: “I chose Flossie because her photograph shows her to be a beautiful cat. I love the fact that she really is a best friend to her owner. She sounds like the purrfect companion.”

Earlier this week we announced our runner up felines were Alex, Sophie and Rossi.

Sue said: Rossi is a cute kitten in a sweet pose. The photographer had to be quiet, patient and dextrous to get down to his level to take such an intimate shot. She's an angelic-looking soul mate for her owner.

Alex and Sophie — two delightful looking cats who are probably best friends for one another as well as loving companions to their appreciative owner.”

Our winning canine is loyal and faithful Luki - Abby’s Best Friend

He has helped numerous foster dogs adjust to a life of comfort before moving onto their forever homes. Luki was diagnosed with lung cancer in May this year, and underwent major lung surgery in June, something vets would not normally do with a 12-year old dog, but they knew he could pull through. The constitution of an ox, they said.

Rachel Millar, Editor of Dogs Today magazine, said: Luki is beautifully illuminated in Abby’s photo, reflecting the impact he has on all he meets, and his eyes are certainly the window to his soul. Lifesaving Luki is truly, as Abby suggests, a golden boy.”

We also announced our runner up canines; Willow and Lola.

Rachel said: Our dogs know us so well, it is obvious from the way Willow gazes at Loretta in this photo that the two of them share a very special bond.

Lola’s love for life is evident in Alannah’s photo. Her smile captures perfectly the joys of free-running that every Beagle should experience.”

Congratulations to all the winners, we hope you enjoy your prizes!


Our photo competition has proven that cats and dogs truly are our best friends.  Please take action today to help save hundreds of cats and thousands of dogs from a life of misery and suffering in laboratories.