BUAV team visit Mauritius for key meetings on the primate trade and animal testing


This weekend, representatives from the BUAV returned to the island of Mauritius to attend a series of key meetings to continue to raise awareness about the cruel monkey trade and to voice concerns over the impending Pre-Clinical Research Bill. A key annual musical event, which was also held during our visit, was dedicated to the Save Our Monkeys campaign.

An interview with the BUAV Chief Executive, Michelle Thew, appeared in the leading Sunday newspaper 5-Plus Dimanche.

Thanks to the BUAV Save Our Monkeys campaign, there is already growing awareness and concern surrounding the breeding and exportation of macaques for the research industry. 

Only last week, Mrs Maneka Gandhi joined our campaign in a direct appeal to the Mauritius Government to stop Mauritius from becoming a country that allows animal cruelty and suffering through the establishment of testing and research facilities.

Please join Mrs Maneka Gandhi and the many thousands of people who that have already voiced concern over the Mauritius monkey trade, calling upon the Mauritius government to end the cruel exploitation of primates: http://bit.ly/StopTheTrade