The BUAV Save Our Monkeys campaign is requesting your support in preparation for World Animal Day on 4th October.  World Animal Day is an internationally recognised event to celebrate animal life in all its forms, as well as humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom.  

Please join us, and share with your friends, in using this day as an opportunity to remember the monkeys of Mauritius. Mauritius is the world’s second largest exporter of long-tailed macaques for the research industry.  

Each year, thousands are exported to laboratories around the world, including the USA and Europe. This year alone, latest figures show that over 2,000 monkeys have already been exported to countries around the world including the UK, USA, France, Spain and Germany. They suffer the trauma of being forcibly separated from their families and social groups and crammed into small wooden crates as they begin their terrifying and lonely journey in the cargo hold on an aircraft to their ultimate fate – the research laboratory where they will suffer and die in experiments. It is a long way from home – the lush green jungles where they belong.

Now more than ever it is important to express our concern and raise awareness about  the monkeys of Mauritius, with the impending Pre-Clinical Research Bill, due to be presented to the Mauritius Parliament which aims to promote the use of animals in pre-clinical research. 

The introduction of such a bill, with the establishment of experimentation facilities in the country, would result in animals subjected to cruel animal experiments within Mauritius.  In particular the bill will result in the infliction of further suffering on these monkeys, who are already suffering by their capture and imprisonment in breeding facilities. 

We kindly ask you to show your support and help us bring attention to the plight of the monkeys of Mauritius by visiting here and attaching the ‘Save Our Monkeys’ twibbon to your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures.