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BUAV welcomes reports that India has banned animal testing for cosmetics


The BUAV has welcomed today’s reports that India is to become the first country in Asia to ban animal testing for cosmetics and ingredients. The move follows the European Union ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics in March this year following a 20-year campaign led by the BUAV. The global campaign to end animal tests for cosmetics is now led by Cruelty Free International, founded by the BUAV to end cosmetics tests on animals throughout the world.

MP Maneka Gandhi, founder of People for Animals, has been instrumental in achieving this important development for animals in India following a series of landmark meetings with the Drug Controller General of India, Dr G N Singh. We are now looking forward to the Indian Government’s official announcement of this long-anticipated ban.

In January this year Cruelty Free International welcomed the news that the Bureau of Indian Standards (BSI) was revising standard IS 4011, which sets out India’s requirements for testing the safety of cosmetics, and included cruel and outdated tests on rabbits, guinea pigs and rats.

Reports suggest that the Bureau of Indian Standards has today agreed that these animal tests will now be removed from the Standard, and that alternatives to animal tests must be used instead, potentially saving thousands of animals from a life of suffering in laboratories for beauty products. Cruelty Free International is now looking at the full implications of the reports.

Cruelty Free International Chief Executive Michelle Thew said, “We welcome reports that the long anticipated ban on the use of animals in cruel and unnecessary tests for cosmetics and toiletries in India is set to come into force. We are looking forward to the Indian Government’s formal announcement on this historic ban and hope they will use their leadership on this important issue to send out a strong message to other countries in Asia that the time has come to consign animal testing for cosmetics to the global history books.”

Dr Nick Palmer, Director of Policy at Cruelty Free International, is due to speak at the International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR) next month and will be pushing for ASEAN, Korea and China to implement a ban on animal testing for cosmetics as well as spreading the ban to other continents including the huge US market.