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A regulatory smokescreen

A regulatory smokescreen 

Acute toxicity testing without animals

The BUAV fully supports the aim of improving chemicals regulation to protect human health and the environment. However, we believe the use of animal testing will inflict immense and needless suffering...

ECEAE The Way Forward (Part 1)

Action To End Animal Toxicity Testing. Animal based toxicity tests cause massive suffering and are of dubious scientific value; their credibility is based on established use rather than reliability or predictive...

ECEAE The Way Forward (Part 2)

Strategy for a future Chemicals Policy. The European Coalition proposes a 7 step action plan which will ensure animal tests are eliminated, and that non-animal methods are brought into use as soon as possible...

Endocrine Disruptors

The European Commission has proposed a new Europe-wide chemicals testing strategy. This rolling programme aims to test thousands of ‘existing chemicals’ on millions of laboratory animals....

REACH and beyond

REACH and beyond. A new and improved regulatory system for chemicals must not rely on outdated and cruel animal tests...

REACH Implementation

Download a poster on minimising animal testing under REACH

Strategy for a future chemicals policy

ECEAE position paper.