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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Revealed: BUAV’s groundbreaking investigation of the international trade in wild-caught primates for the research industry.

The demand from the research industry for a continuous supply of primates has led to the trade in wild caught and captive bred animals around the world. In 1991, the BUAV embarked on a daring and often dangerous investigation to follow the chain of supply from the tropical forests of Asia and lush undergrowth of Mauritius and the Caribbean to the bare metal cages of the research laboratory. An undercover worker was placed at Shamrock, a UK primate holding facility, and Hazleton, a UK contract testing laboratory, while other BUAV investigators travelled to the main exporting countries to infiltrate the trapping network.

What emerged was a shocking and disturbing exposé of pain, suffering and death on a massive scale. Evidence never before captured on film, revealed the brutality and cruelty inflicted on monkeys during their capture, caging and transportation.

Shocking Findings