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Stop the baby trade

BUAV Primate Trade Investigations

Since the BUAV carried out the first ever in-depth investigation of the trade in nonhuman primates for research, we have continued to lead the field with our undercover work. Our exposés of the cruelties inherent in the trade and supply of primates receive international media coverage and have resulted in source country trade restrictions, government bans on the use of wild-caught animals and airline embargoes.

Captive Cruelty

The sad plight of wild baboons in Kenya

Owl Monkey Trade

Primate Trade in South America. The trapping of wild owl monkeys.

Trading in Cruelty

The cruelty of the trapping and farming wild monkeys in Mauritius.

Monkey Misery In Laos

The discovery in Laos of industrial scale monkey farms supplying the research industry.

Chain Of Suffering In Indonesia

Exposing the trade in monkeys that violates international animal welfare guidelines and Indonesia’s own legislation.

Torn From The Wild In Cambodia

Shocking footage of primates torn from their wild habitats.

Monkey Business In Vietnam

The factory farming of primates in Vietnam.

Primate Trade In Malaysia

Wild monkeys at a holding facility in Malaysia.

Primate Breeding In The EU

Inside monkey ‘Guantanamo Bay’ in a Spanish resort.

Paradise Lost

BUAV’s groundbreaking investigation of the international trade in primates for research.

Baboon Trade In Tanzania

Investigating the international trade in wild-caught baboons in Tanzania.

Cutting Edge

A BUAV investigation into the deliberate infliction of brain damage on marmosets at Cambridge University.

Poisoning For Profit

This investigation reveals the horror of life for monkeys in the labs at contract testers Covance, Germany