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Broken Promises

Campaign: The Government is failing on its pledge to reduce animal experiments.  Join our campaign calling for the Government to keep its promise.

The campaign so far

When the Coalition Government took office in 2010 its Programme for Government included the pledge to ‘work to reduce the use of animals in scientific research’. This was included after strong lobbying from the BUAV, and we have been leading the way in holding the Government to account ever since.

This is an issue where there is strong public concern and, since the pledge was made in 2010, we have been urging the Government to listen to the UK public and keep its promise to reduce animal experiments. Four years later, on Friday 7th February 2014, the Government released its strategy: “Working to reduce the use of animals in scientific research”. The document contains no specific details of how a reduction will be achieved.

The Government has been talking about bringing the promised reduction through the National Centre for the 3Rs for more than three years, without any decrease in animal experiment numbers. If this document is the basis for a future reduction, then it is difficult to see any outcome except more animals needlessly suffering in British laboratories.

We are extremely disappointed that stronger measures have not been introduced to reduce the numbers of animals used in experiments. The number of experiments carried out now stands at the highest level since the current regime was introduced in 1986. In the three year period, since the Programme for Government, the numbers have continued to rise, with a peak of over four million animals used in 2012.

We are increasing the pressure on the Government to turn its broken promise into action to make a difference for the millions of animals in UK laboratories.

What you can do

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