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Campaigning in europe and beyond

BUAV International Work

115 million animals are used in laboratory experiments around the world each year - animal experimentation is an industry without borders, so it's important that the BUAV’s activities are too.


The BUAV estimates that 27 million animals are used in experiments in Europe each year; we are committed to ensuring their voices are heard.

Our work in Europe is carried out through the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE)which the BUAV leads and provides the secretariat for. There are a number of additional specific reasons why it is important that the BUAV is active in Europe:

International Campaigning

Animal experimentation is a multi-million pound industry operating across the world. Researchers and institutions often collaborate globally and national governments look to international bodies for guidance on issues such as test guidelines. There are many facets to the industry, including:

Each component of the industry relies upon the others, for example, without the capture of wild-caught primates in places like Cambodia, and the transportation of non-human primates by companies like Air France , there would be no primates at breeding centres such as the one in Camarles, Spain, or in research laboratories like Covance in Germany. The BUAV works internationally to systematically uncover, expose and end this cruel and inhumane industry.

We also support partner organisations around the world to campaign on and develop positive policies against animal experimentation in their countries. The following are some examples of the international work we have been engaged in:

The BUAV is also an active member of a number of international coalitions working to promote non-animal alternatives and end animal experiments.