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Marking the first anniversary of the historic EU ban on animal tested cosmetics

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of my career working for the animals was the fantastic victory of the EU ban on cosmetics testing on animals, which was brought in on March 11th last year.

The BUAV has dedicated over 30 years to a campaign to end these tests in the UK, and the European Union, and this benchmark is truly a date that will go down in history as one of our most significant successes on our journey to ending all animal experimentation.

Established by the BUAV in 2012, the mission of Cruelty Free International is to now achieve a world free of all animal testing for cosmetic and consumer products and with recent bans in both India and Israel, and exciting developments in both Brazil and China, we are confident that we will achieve our goal.

To mark the first anniversary of the EU ban, Cruelty Free International produced a new scientific report on the alternatives to cosmetics animal tests, which was sent to 100 governments around the globe. We also held events in Russia, South Korea, Brazil and Brussels. I travelled to Washington DC to lead on the US campaign to end all cosmetics testing on animals.

There was exciting news from the States last week as Congressman Jim Moran announced his new bill ‘The Humane Cosmetics Act’ which, in his own words ‘is an opportunity for the United States to catch up with the rest of the world by ending the cruel treatment of animals and encouraging the use of modern scientific testing methods.  I look forward to working with Cruelty Free International to build support for this legislation.’

Cruelty Free International has been fundamental in contributing to Congressman Moran’s new bill and we were delighted to host a Congressional briefing in co-operation with him on March 11th to keep the campaign firmly on the political agenda of the U.S.

With your help we will achieve a world where no animal need suffer for the sake of beauty. With politicians, the public and celebrities – like our new supporter, Mayim Bialik – joining us we can make a real difference.

I hope you, like me, will not let the world forget about those animals still suffering in cosmetics tests. Please find out more about our global campaign today and how your voice is vital in speaking out for the innocent victims who cannot. Thank you.


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