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The BUAV office is buzzing with preparations for the party conference season. Our Policy Team will spend the next few weeks travelling between London, Brighton, Manchester and Glasgow to attend the Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative and UKIP party conferences. This weekend I am looking forward to speaking about our successes and our vision for a world without animal experiments at a fringe meeting during the Green Party conference.

Party conferences provide a good opportunity for us to promote our important work. At the conferences we will be meeting  MPs, MEPs, local Councillors and party members to discuss the BUAV’s campaigns and galvanise politicians into action.

This year we will be taking three key campaigns to the party conferences: Broken Promises, Our Best Friends and Clean Up Cruelty. 

Our Broken Promises campaign asks the Government to uphold its pledge to move towards a reduction in the number of experiments carried out on animals. Animal testing numbers have continually increased for the last 25 years and we are urging the Government to put their words into action and publish a clear reduction strategy to begin reducing the number of animal experiments. 

Following our recent revelation of sickening experiments carried out on cats and dogs, we will be showcasing our new campaign, Our Best Friends. We will be asking party members to pledge their support and sign EDM 514 calling for a ban on cats and dogs in research.  

We will also take the opportunity to thank all those who have supported us and helped the UK lead the way in cleaning up cosmetics and achieving an EU ban on testing cosmetics on animals. We will be asking party members to continue to do the right thing and Clean Up Cruelty by making household products truly cruelty-free. 

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If you would like to help, please contact your local MP and ask them to visit the BUAV Policy Team to find out how they can make a difference to the millions of animals experimented on each year in laboratories. You can find your MP here.


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