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An encouraging development in our No Cruel Cosmetics campaign

There has been a buzz in the BUAV office this week with news from Europe that Mr Tonio Borg, the candidate under consideration for the position of Commissioner, whose responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of the marketing ban, has stated that he supports the need for the Cosmetics Directive marketing ban to come into force in March 2013

The BUAV, together with our colleagues in the ECEAE, worked tirelessly for many years to achieve the ban on the use of animals in cosmetics testing in the EU. More recently, our call with our No Cruel Cosmetics campaign, has been for the marketing ban (that will prevent the import and sale of animal tested cosmetics in the EU), to come into full effect as planned in 2013. Mr Borg’s statement is, therefore, a welcome step in the right direction to ensure that the EU sticks to its pre-agreed deadline for the Cosmetics Directive thereby saving many thousands of animals from suffering and dying for the sake of beauty. 

Our exposé of the slaughter of hundreds of monkeys at the Noveprim primate breeding farm in Mauritius has been widely reported by the media, especially in the UK and Mauritius. The callous disregard of monkeys, including pregnant females and youngsters, who no longer serve a commercial purpose is shocking. I hope you will join us in supporting our call for an end to the slaughter of monkeys in Mauritius. Please sign our global petition urging the Mauritius Prime Minister to ban the breeding and export of primates for research. Thank you to everyone who has signed so far.

You can follow the BUAV Sov Nou Zako (Save our Monkeys Mauritius) campaign on Twitter and Facebook.  

Finally, an Early Day Motion has been tabled on behalf of the BUAV to call on the Government for greater transparency on animal experiments. A recent opinion poll showed low levels of public confidence in the regulatory system of animal experiments.  The BUAV has been calling for greater transparency for many years as we believe the public has a right to know what is being done to animals in UK laboratories and why. Please ask your MP to sign EDM 716.

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