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Pushing the UK Government to keep its pledge to reduce the number of animals used in experiments!

Animal testing figures are at a 25-year high despite a 2010 Government pledge to bring the numbers down. The BUAV is urging the Government to put these words into action and publish a clear reduction strategy to start working to reduce the number of animal experiments. 

This is the message we are taking to the party conferences this year. As such, it is a hectic time for the BUAV Team as the conference season is now in full swing! We have been meeting MPs, MEPs, local Councillors and party members to discuss the BUAV's campaigns and to urge politicians to support our call to the Government to fulfil its pledge to reduce the number of experiments carried out on animals.

So far, we have attended the Liberal Democrat and Labour Party conferences, and I have been delighted with the positive support we have so far received from MPs and party officials. For a full update on our progress, please visit our Facebook page.  Individuals to stop by our stand have included, Norman Baker, MP for Lewes and Parliamentary Under Secretary for the Department for Transport, Tom Harris MP for Glasgow South and Shadow Environment Minister, Gavin Shuker MP for Luton North, Shadow Minister at DEFRA and Lord  Prescott, former deputy leader of the Labour Party and Police and Crime Commissioner candidate in Humberside. To find out more about which MPs and party officials showed their support just visit the BUAV Facebook page or check out our Twitter account.

On Monday evening, Dr Nick Palmer, our Director of Policy, addressed the Labour Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) fringe meeting.  He spoke about the achievements of the BUAV in recent times, including the successful campaign to maintain the ban on using stray animals in experiments.

Next week we are off to the Conservative Party conference, where we will be meeting more MPs and reminding the Government of its reduction pledge. 

Please remember to contact your MP to sign EDM 405 and also ask them to visit the BUAV Policy Team to find out how they can make a difference. Find your MP.

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