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An unacceptable rise in the number of animal experiments carried out in the UK

This week the Home Office announced the statistics on the number of animals used in experiments in Great Britain during 2011. I know you will join me in being deeply disappointed to hear that experiments on almost 3.8 million individuals were started in UK laboratories last year alone. In fact, 2011 saw the highest number of animal experiments conducted since the introduction of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.   

There was some encouraging news in that the numbers of both primates and beagles used during 2011 fell. In recent years, the BUAV has campaigned extensively on the supply and use of primates and dogs in UK research and we, therefore, welcome this decrease. However, for other species the numbers rose considerably and overall the total number of experiments carried out increased by 2%. This rise is unacceptable and calls into question whether there is any serious intention on behalf of the Government to deliver its post-election pledge to work to reduce the number of animal experiments. 

As always, the BUAV team was quick to respond to the release of these statistics and our concerns were picked up by the media, including the Daily Mail, Huffington Post UK and Yahoo! .

Despite this disappointing news, we are as committed as ever in our mission to end the appalling suffering and death inflicted on animals both in the UK and internationally. We hope we can rely on your continued support.

In other news I have spent this week travelling around the Australasia region to promote the message of our new organisation Cruelty Free International and our mission to end animal testing for cosmetics worldwide. I have attended a number of key meetings and our campaign has received a great response from the public and media, including an interview I did with the ABC The World Today, one of Australia’s leading radio shows.

Today I am in Singapore at the Cruelty Free International Asia office,  run by our partner organization, ACRES.  You can keep up with the very latest news on our campaign by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

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