Cruelty Free International in China to give a voice to animals suffering for beauty


Dr Nick Palmer, Director of Policy from Cruelty Free International will be in China from 6th – 16th August to hold a series of meetings with key decision makers in Shanghai and Beijing to discuss how China can move forward to end animal testing for cosmetics.

China is amongst the 80% of the world that still allows cruel tests for make-up, shampoo, toothpaste and other cosmetics, even though humane non-animal tests are available. Rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats are still routinely injected, gassed, force-fed and killed for personal care products.

There are safer, cheaper and more effective alternatives to animal tests that can be used instead, utilising in vitro (test tube) tests, state of the art computer modelling programs, and human skin donated from cosmetic surgery. 

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