Asiana Airlines joins BUAV’s list of airlines that do not transport primates for research


The BUAV is pleased to announce that Asiana Airlines, one of South Korea’s major airlines, has  joined our  list of airlines that do not transport primates destined for the research industry. 

The BUAV welcomes the statement from Asiana Airlines, announcing ‘our company does not transport primates for laboratory purposes’. It now joins the growing list of airlines that have dissociated themselves from this cruel trade.

The BUAV has led the international campaign to end these shipments, working tirelessly to stop the international transportation of primates for the research industry. Our hard-hitting investigations and research have uncovered cruelty and suffering inflicted on primates in laboratories, and during their trapping, farming and transport. 

The airline industry has played a key role in the primate trade, transporting tens of thousands of primates around the world every year. The animals originate from countries such as Mauritius, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laosand Indonesia, which are the world’s major  suppliers of monkeys for use in research.

To keep costs down, primate suppliers and laboratories have relied heavily on passenger airlines such as Air France, the only known European passenger airline still engaged in the cruel trade of transporting primates for research. Commissioning cargo carriers costs thousands of dollars more, thereby increasing the price of each individual monkey.

For more information please check the BUAV's list of airlines that do and do not transport primates destined for research and see our Cargo Cruelty campaign for more information. 

You can take action now to help end the suffering by writing an email to airlines that do or would fly primates for the research industry.