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BUAV raises concerns about proposed animal testing legislation in Mauritius


The BUAV is raising concerns with politicians about the Pre-Clinical Research Bill that is due to be presented to the Mauritius Parliament next week. The Bill, if adopted, will legalise the use of animals in research. A letter from the BUAV has been sent to all 70 members of the Mauritius Parliament and Government officials raising concerns about the likely impact the legislation will have for animals; in particular the country’s native population of long-tailed macaque.

There is already growing national and international awareness and concern surrounding the trapping, breeding and exporting of primates from Mauritius for experiments. The introduction of the Pre-Clinical Research Bill, which aims to turn Mauritius into a ‘Bio-Island’, will inflict even further suffering on the country’s primate population, which is likely to be the main species used in research. Additionally, the establishment of primate experimentation facilities in Mauritius will simply encourage further use of these animals.

The use of non-human primates in research is a controversial issue that raises strong public concern. The BUAV is concerned that European research companies, in an effort to avoid the growing public criticism of animal experimentation and attempts to impose stricter restrictions on the use of primates within the European Union, may be looking to set up primate experimentation facilities in countries where restrictions may be more lax.

Sarah Kite, Director of Special Projects at the BUAV says, "We are deeply concerned that rather than taking measures to reduce the suffering currently inflicted on Mauritian monkeys, the Mauritius Government is planning to allow the establishment of animal experimentation facilities. This will result in primates subjected to experiments in a country where there is currently no animal protection legislation governing research. We urge Mauritius not to allow itself to be part of an industry that inflicts such great pain and suffering on animals."

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