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Pukka Herbs Certified Cruelty-Free!



Pukka Herbs has been awarded the Leaping Bunny! All of Pukka’s skincare products are certified free from animal testing, making them the perfect choice for cruelty-free shoppers. 

The Pukka Herbs’ philosophy draws on Ayurveda, an ancient Indian philosophy of health and wellbeing. Ayurveda posits that a healthy, radiant complexion can be achieved through skin detoxification and nutrient replenishment, so Pukka products are packed full of plant extracts and oils. Their range includes cleansers, toners, moisturisers and face oils, with natural ingredients such as neroli flower, rosewater, and evening primrose. 

All Pukka products are certified organic and with the exception of the Radiance Serum (Manuka honey) and the Deep Moisture Day Cream (beeswax), all the products are vegan too.

Pukka co-Founder Sebastian Pole said, “We are on a mission to help our customers make more empowered choices and are delighted to be officially certified under the Humane Cosmetics Standard from Cruelty Free International. It is important for Pukka to be certified as our commitment to animal welfare is integral to who we are. We are proud to now wear the Leaping Bunny logo as a symbol that reassures consumers of our high ethical standards and that also challenges and influences other businesses in our industry to change how they operate.