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Statements of support for the BUAV Save our Monkeys Mauritius campaign


We are pleased to receive the following statements of support for the BUAV Save our Monkeys Mauritius campaign to raise awareness of the monkey trade. The statements follow the BUAV news conference held in Mauritius during June at which many leading religious and socio-cultural groups and individuals were represented and spoke in support of our efforts. 

Ahimsa Paramo Dharma, means non-violence, no injustice to all people or animals. As animals are innocent beings, Humans need to use their knowledge wisely by not doing injustice or by dominating neither on people nor animals. Our utmost duty is to protect people, the environment and animals and as much as we can, we need to do good deeds on the Earth. In our Hindu religion, the Vedas (the Hindu scriptures) says not to kill or harm any animal. Laboratories are using animals for medical experiments, yet ayurvedic medicine has been researched using plants. The BUAV is doing an excellent job and we, the Arya Ravi Ved Pracharini Sabha and the Federation of Arya Samaj support the Save Our Monkeys Mauritius, BUAV campaign."

(Arya Ravi Ved Pracharini Sabha; Federation of Arya Samaj)

We support the Save Our Monkeys Mauritius, BUAV campaign as animals do not need to suffer. We are bringing on a battle for life and as Humans have life, the monkeys of Mauritius also have the same life. We are the guardians of these monkeys, we need to protect them and not allow suffering. Before, laboratories used to test on animals, but due to advances in technology in the world, new alternatives are available, hence, a solution to end the suffering of animals.

Mauritius is a small island where the dodo was a natural beauty. Unfortunately, the dodo is now extinct. We need to be conscious about the fate of the dodo as we will also loose the natural beauty of our monkeys as well.

The government of Mauritius will need to find a solution to save our monkeys

(Archarya Hanslall Sooklall, Head Priest, Hindu House; President, Sanatan Dharma Purohit Mandal)

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