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No Cruel Cosmetics

The Leaping Bunny and the EU ban

After the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics products and ingredients comes into force on 11th March 2013, the Leaping Bunny continues to be the only way consumers can be sure they are buying truly ‘cruelty-free’ beauty products.

When the ban takes effect, companies will not be able to animal test new cosmetic products and ingredients on sale in the EU. However, companies can still carry on animal testing cosmetics outside the EU where these cosmetics are also sold outside the EU.

The Leaping Bunny is a global standard and applies to all of the operations and sales of companies, not just those for the EU.  We only certify companies that have a policy not to test their products on animals, enabling consumers to reward those companies who do not use animal tests for any market.  In addition Leaping Bunny certification is only awarded to companies who have decided not to enter the Chinese market where animal testing for imported cosmetics is required - another reason for consumers to shop only with companies that have Leaping Bunny status.

There are also a number of outstanding issues with the EU’s Cosmetics Regulation text, which are yet to be clarified.  Until full guidance is given, it is sadly likely that many companies that have not yet joined the Leaping Bunny programme may seek to continue to use animal-tested ingredients in some circumstances.

It is clear that the Leaping Bunny continues to be the only guarantee that animals have not been used to test cosmetics ingredients in a company’s entire supply chain (after it adopted its ‘no animal testing’ policy).  Until Cruelty Free International achieves a global ban, we urge consumers to continue to shop with the bunny.

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