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Our MP of the Month is Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North

Chris Williamson has been the Member of Parliament for Derby North since 2010 and a long standing supporter of the BUAV.

Chris is a seasoned animal welfare campaigner and has worked closely with the BUAV on a variety of different campaigns. Chris backed the No Cruel Cosmetics campaign through which we succeeded in achieving an EU wide ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Chris has also signed up to the Clean Up Cruelty pledge to ensure that his constituency office only uses cleaning products certified by the Leaping Bunny programme – the only global guarantee that a company is free from animal testing.

Chris is also a trustee for the League Against Cruel Sports.

1. How did you become interested in issues surrounding animal protection?

During Animal Welfare Year in 1976.  I was actually inspired by Spike Milligan extolling the rationale for being a vegetarian when he appeared on the Michael Parkinson Show that same year.

2. How long have you been working with the BUAV?

For around 35 years off and on.

3. How important do you find this issue amongst your constituents?

There is a significant minority of constituents for which animal welfare is a very important issue.

4. What changes have you seen in public attitudes towards animal protection during your time working on the issue?

There is a much greater awareness and concern about animal welfare issues these days than there was in in the mid 1970s.

5. Do you share your home with any animals?

Not anymore.

6. If you had one message to Government on animal experiments what would it be?

Can we have unambiguous transparency about animal experiments so that the public are made aware of what experiments are undertaken and why. The British people will then be able to come to an informed view about whether they give their consent for animal experiments to continue.