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Help us commemorate World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Today, April 24th is World Day for Animals in Laboratories. It is an international event, a time to consider the millions of animals who suffer and die in laboratories around the world. It is fitting, therefore, that the BUAV has launched the first ever global organization with a unique mission to end the use of product testing on animals worldwide. This year I hope you will join Cruelty Free International in commemorating the suffering and death that continues to be inflicted on animals around the world just in the name of beauty. Help us be the global voice for animals in our campaign to consign animal cosmetics testing to the history books. I am delighted that Joss Stone has recently joined Ricky Gervais in supporting Cruelty Free International helping us to get our message across to millions of people.

We are also delighted to be partnering with The Body Shop to launch our first global pledge. From May, the campaign will roll out in stores across the world over the next few months. The Body Shop customers will have the opportunity to sign a pledge in-store to support Cruelty Free International’s push for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients. This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for us to get our message across. In addition to engaging with the estimated 275 million people a year who visit The Body Shop stores, Cruelty Free International will also be linking to The Body Shop websites, which host millions of customers annually.

The BUAV Save our Monkeys campaign in Mauritius has also been busy getting our message out to the public that the monkey trade is cruel and must be stopped. Our eye catching stand and leaflets have been well received. 

In other news, we have been busy in the run up to the London Mayoral elections contacting the main candidates and asking if they will commit to the BUAV Clean up Cruelty campaign for London. Please look out for our colourful campaign bus which will be taking to the streets of London very soon calling on Londoners to help Vote to Clean up Cruelty in the capital. 

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