China update: Meeting the global challenge to tests cosmetics without using animals


Last week Dr Nick Palmer, Cruelty Free International Director of Policy, was in China to hold a series of discussions with key decision-makers on how the country can continue to move away from cosmetics tests on animals.

Dr Palmer launched the Chinese version of our ground-breaking guide on alternative tests, which outlines the modern and humane methods to assess cosmetics which replace the cruel and outdated use of animals.

During his week-long mission for animals, Dr Palmer met with Chinese regulators, scientists and cosmetic companies, and discussed the new regulations which allow cruelty-free cosmetics companies to avoid animal testing, and how the country can build on this momentous step towards a ban.

Dr Palmer said, “This is an exciting time for our global campaign, as considerable efforts are now being made by Chinese laboratories to develop expertise in non-animal methods. One of the most advanced is the Institute of Food and Drug Control in Hangzhou, and I was delighted to present our Chinese guide to alternatives to the team, who are moving forward rapidly to meet expected demand from companies seeking to go cruelty-free.”

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