The BUAV welcomes the appointment of Norman Baker MP as Home Office Minister responsible for animal experiments


The BUAV has welcomed the appointment of Norman Baker MP to Minister of State for Crime Prevention, and the Home Office Minister responsible for regulating animal experiments, as encouraging in view of his record of support for a reduction in animal experiments and greater transparency.

Norman Baker MP for Lewes, East Sussex, was formerly the Liberal Democrat spokesperson on animal welfare and has a long record of supporting animal issues.

At the weekend, The Observer reported on Norman Baker's appointment, who told the newspaper that he still wanted to see the day when animal experiments were no longer necessary.

"I believe we are heading towards that day," he said. "The Home Office is about to launch a document which will highlight ways to reduce numbers of animal experiments in this country and I fully endorse it. This is not going to be an immediate revolution, but I believe we are already making progress in finding substitutes for animal experiments. One day, those will lead to us being able to ban them. I believe that day is coming."