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Please ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 631 to ban the use of animals to test household cleaning products



Cruelty Free International, the BUAV’s sister organization, has worked with MPs to table a parliamentary motion to call on the UK Government to implement a ban on the use of animals to test household cleaning products.

Rabbits, hamsters, rats and mice have traditionally been injected, gassed, force-fed and killed to test the ingredients that go into everyday household products such as washing up liquid, air fresheners and dishwasher tablets.

Cruelty-free companies have proven it is possible to make humane household products without testing on animals; yet tests like these are still allowed in the UK on chemicals for cleaning products.

In 2010, the UK Government pledged to ban the use of animals to test household cleaning products. Yet in 2013, it has still not published its final plans for the ban.

Cruelty Free International is disappointed that after three years of consideration and promises the Government has still not made a final announcement regarding the ban and now looks set on doing a U-turn having indicated that only finished products will be covered by the ban and not the ingredients.

Public action can help make a ban a reality and so we are urging you to get involved with our new campaign, Clean Up Cruelty, which has the support of MPs, famous faces such as Sherrie Hewson from ITV’s Loose Women and leading brands including Astonish, Method and Ecover. These brands  have proven that it is possible to sell safe and effective household products without inflicting pain and suffering on animals. 

Early Day Motion 613, which has been tabled by David Amess MP with cross-party support states:

“That this House notes that the Coalition Agreement contained a pledge to end the testing of household products on animals; further notes that a response to a Parliamentary Question on 28 March 2011 stated that `the prohibition will apply to both finished household products and their ingredients, although in practice mainly the latter are tested', 28 March 2011, Official Report, column 80W; is disappointed that no action has been taken on this issue to date; and supports the campaign led by Cruelty Free International to call on the Government to introduce a total ban on the testing of finished products and ingredients.”

Please join us in urging the UK Government to take decisive action for animals and Clean Up Cruelty by writing to your MP and asking them to sign EDM 631. Together we can take the cruelty out of cleaning.


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