The BUAV Science team is this week attending and presenting at a key alternatives conference in Austria. The European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing is hosting its annual conference in the university town of Linz, Austria. Each year the conference brings together scientists developing alternatives to animal tests from across Europe. Increasingly the conference attracts scientists and policymakers from outside Europe. The conference is an excellent opportunity for young scientists to be encouraged in their efforts and for all involved in the replacement of animal testing to be updated on the political and legal developments over the last year.

Our Science team is presenting the results of no less than four projects during the conference. We are summarising our experiences with REACH, the EU chemical legislation and raising our concerns about the lack of investment and promotion of alternative methods for chemical testing. We are presenting the results of a study we have conducted showing that a particular animal test for chemicals can be avoided and we are presenting our ADAPT principle for regulatory bodies to encourage them to facilitate the use of alternative methods. Finally, we are discussing the new European Directive regulating the use of animals in experiments and asking the key question, will any animal tests be prohibited under the new law?

We look forward to discussing our experiences with the conference attendees and will be reporting from the conference later in the week.