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BUAV welcomes Italian breakthroughs on animal experiments



The BUAV and our colleagues in the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) has warmly welcomed news from Italy that both Houses of Parliament have approved significant restrictions on animal testing. Tests of non-human primates, dogs and cats are all banned except in limited circumstances, painful procedures without anaesthesia unless for pain research are prohibited and no further licences will be given for animal research involving xenotransplanation (transplanting cells and tissues across species) and addiction. No dogs, cats or primates may be bred for experiments in Italy, and testing for training or military purposes is ruled out. Strict regulation is introduced for genetic modification.

The ECEAE urges the Italian Government to implement the Parliamentary decision swiftly, and promises full support for Italy and the ECEAE’s Italian partner, the Lega Anti Vivisezione, if any attempt is made to challenge the decision on harmonisation ground by the EU.

BUAV and ECEAE Chief Executive, Michelle Thew said, “We are delighted by the progress made by the LAV and other campaigners and congratulate the Italian Parliament on having the courage to move forward. We hope that other countries will now follow the Italian lead in their policy for approving experiments.”