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Over 1,400 monkeys have been exported from Mauritius for research this year


The BUAV can reveal that, in just the first quarter of 2013, Mauritius exported 1,461 monkeys around the world for research with the USA remaining the world’s largest importer. In the first three months of 2013, the USA imported 659 macaques, the UK 340 macaques, Spain 216, France 110, Germany 96 and Canada 40 macaques. 

Mauritius is the second largest supplier in the world of monkeys for the research industry, exporting many thousands of animals each year. The BUAV has exposed the cruel treatment of primates on Mauritius - from the trapping to the breeding and confinement on large-scale farms, and finally their transport to the laboratory. The monkeys are torn from their families and jungle homes and imprisoned in unnatural conditions in large facilities, to produce babies who will later be exported thousands of miles to laboratories around the world to suffer for research. 

The BUAV has also campaigned tirelessly to reveal the fate of primates in laboratories who are subjected to experiments that can cause them substantial pain, discomfort and suffering. Most will be killed at the end of this ordeal. To find out more, please read the BUAV Report 'The Use of Non-Human Primates in Research in the UK'.

The BUAV is once again calling upon Mauritius to end the capture and export of primates.

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive of the BUAV stated: 'It is shocking that, in just the first three months of this year, Mauritius has exported such a large number of monkeys for research. In light of all the evidence that the BUAV has put on the table about the cruel, unsustainable and unnecessary nature of this trade, we will continue to urge the Mauritius government to end this trade and for those importing countries to dissociate themselves from this cruelty by banning the import. We also urge people to do their part by signing our global petition at'