Going Global

The BUAV has expanded its undercover operations to countries as far afield as Mauritius, Tanzania, Indonesia, Barbados, Japan, Thailand, Belgium, Portugal and Germany.

In 1992, BUAV’s Paradise Lost investigation was the first ever in-depth investigation of the trade in primates for research, and played a major role in changing the very nature of the international trade in primates.

The revelations of the cruelties inherent in the wild-caught trade received international media coverage and resulted in source country trade restrictions, government bans on the use of wild-caught animals, and airline embargoes.

In the UK, the government announced a ban on the use of wild-caught monkeys in research. These developments all placed increasing pressure on the primate research industry. The use of wild-caught primates has decreased significantly thereby saving the lives of tens of thousands of animals who would otherwise have perished as a result of the cruelties involved in the trapping, holding, transportation and lab process.

BUAV investigations and exposés of the primate trade have continued over the years. In 2006, we exposed the massive scale of factory farming of monkeys in Vietnam who were destined for research laboratories in countries, including the UK and USA. Most recently, our daring investigation exposing the cruel monkey trade in Cambodia.