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Born to Die - Invetigator's Diary


Today there were 15 kittens, who all had blood taken from them for the first time. A needle was used to find their veins, and a pot held underneath to collect the blood. Some of the cats really hated the experience and became very distressed.  It was upsetting to watch. One kitten in particular was so stressed by what was happening that she went berserk.

I went down to D2 to meet the two pregnant females who have just arrived.  They are so scared. When I stood up they became very nervous and ran away. Once I sat down and gave encouragement, they came to me cautiously for a fuss. I have really fallen in love with these dogs, who I have named Bonnie and Billie. I hope I can build their confidence by spending time with them.

When I went back to see Billie and Bonnie today, Billie was shaking. I felt really sad for her. I kept reassuring her and by the afternoon she seemed less nervous. I sat with them for a while and she gradually got onto my lap, curled up and went to sleep. Then when I lifted the shovel to clean their room, Bonnie cowered and ran away, knocking her food bowl over before hiding in the corner. It is terrible to see how frightened and nervous these dogs are.

Today was an awful day; all 15 kittens were killed. I went in with the camera. It was very difficult and I felt physically sick but I knew how important it was to film what happened to these poor animals. They were only 6 months old. I felt so sad especially because I had become so attached to these little kittens. It is absolutely terrible to see such young, healthy animals lying dead on the floor. I desperately want things to change.

Tally and Robin’s puppies, less than 5 weeks old, were taken away from them today, leaving the mothers alone. The worker then came back to kill Tally and Robin. This was so awful. I have grown really fond of the female dogs and it is so upsetting that they are just killed in this way when they are no longer needed. They could have been found loving homes but there was no effort on behalf of the company to do so.

The rabbits are now experiencing symptoms such as bumpy skin, black eyes, black injection sites and swollen ears.

Today was my last day at work. I felt very sad to leave the puppies I have got to know over the past weeks. I tried not to think about what will happen to them in January when the experiment comes to an end.

Today I returned to pick up one of the beagle puppies whom I have been allowed to take home with me. I have called him Oliver. When I picked him up, he had green permanent marker all over his head. The staff had tried to wash it off before I arrived. I did not have to ask, as I knew this mark was to tell him apart from his brother Bailey. Bailey was killed this morning. I am so happy that I have been able to save Oliver from death but it is so terrible that a total of 27 puppies were killed today.