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Born to Die - Cats

 A new BUAV investigation has uncovered the shocking killing of kittens BORN TO DIE in a UK laboratory. 

Ben, Blackberry, Max, Otto, Rollie, Pollie, Simba, Toby, Thomas, George.  Inquisitive, sweet little kittens, just like the cats so many of us share our homes with.

But these poor little kittens were tragically born to die at MSD Animal Health; their precious lives terminated after just a few months.  They never got to know the love of a human family, the joy of playing outside.  They never saw the sky, breathed fresh air or felt the grass beneath their feet.

Instead they were used and re-used again in experiments.


The kittens arrived at MSD Animal Health at just 8 weeks old, imported from Spain.  At just 10 weeks old staff started taking blood from them, sticking needles into their tiny veins.  Taking blood was a slow process and some of the kittens became distressed.

During the experiments, some of the kittens had ulcers on their tongues or lips. One was lame on her front right foot. Some were subdued while others had lost weight or suffered from very high temperatures of over 41 degrees.

On 22nd August 2013, 15 kittens were killed.  They were less than 6 months old.  Their little bodies dissected and then dumped in a bin as waste.


“That's you done, you can go in our bin.”

 - Said by a worker as she lifted the remains of a dissected cat and tipped him into the bin


  • Ben was a confident and friendly boy. He loved standing on the BUAV investigator’s shoulders and flopping into her neck. “He enjoyed his food and you could tell! He was always the first onto my lap and the last to leave.”  Ben was killed on 22nd August 2013 after being used in two experiments.

  • Blackberry was a sweet female cat, she was shy at first but then she started to climb up our investigator’s back and sit on her shoulder.  Blackberry was also killed on 22nd August 2013 along with Ben after being used in two experiments.  Her little body was dumped in a bin as waste.

  • Kittens arrived at the laboratory at just 8 weeks old.

  • Rollie was ginger and white. He was nervous to start with but his confidence soon grew.

  • Simba was a sweet ginger kitten. He was the most nervous and cautious out of the group.

  • Toby was a small tabby cat. He was inquisitive and enjoyed being stroked. 

  • This is George, a shy tabby cat.

  • These kittens were killed at 6 months, their little bodies dissected and dumped in a bin as waste.

Cats are our best friends, they don’t belong in laboratories. Please help the BUAV end the appalling killing of puppies, kittens and other animals born to die in UK laboratories.