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New global research database could save animals

A new international venture has been launched with the aim of reducing the number of duplicated cancer experiments around the world. It is hoped that this initiative will lead to funding being used in a more efficient way, and could also lead to fewer animals being used in experiments.

The International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP), made up of 56 cancer-research organisations, has created a publicly accessible database of the grants it has awarded. The database must be consulted before funding will be granted, to ensure that funding bodies are not unwittingly duplicating work being funded elsewhere.

Millions of animals are currently forced to suffer from cancer every year in experiments aimed at finding a cure for human cancers. The success rate of these cruel experiments is dismally poor. At least if funding bodies are sharing details of the projects they are funding, this research will not be duplicated. 

For more information about the use of animals in cancer research and the scientific criticisms please click here.


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