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Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Exposed: An investigation of the factory farming of macaques in South-East Asia for the international research industry.


In October 2006 the BUAV released the findings of an investigation into a factory farm for monkeys – one of the world's largest breeding centre for primates for the international research industry, Nafovanny in Vietnam. Nafovanny has the capacity for an astonishing 30,000 monkeys, and is even looking to expand further.

During the 12-month investigation, we found:


The UK Connection

Many of the macaque monkeys who BUAV investigators saw were destined for the laboratories of Huntingdon Life Sciences in the UK. But despite the terrible conditions and repeated evidence of breached guidelines, Nafovanny is approved by the UK Government to supply monkeys to British laboratories.

The BUAV also has concerns that Nafovanny may have been taking primates from the wild to boost their stocks. The satellite breeding farms BUAV investigators visited had no pregnant females and were located in areas where macaques were indigenous.

We already know how much primates suffer in laboratories. Our Monkey Business investigation reveals that breeding farms such as Nafovanny ensure that the whole lifetime of a monkey destined for the laboratory is one of suffering - and that the UK Government is failing in its duty to protect these sensitive and intelligent animals.