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Changing Policy

The BUAV is active in many ways to try and get animals on the political agenda:

Parliamentary Questions

We regularly ask our supportive MPs to ask the Government questions on our behalf. This is an excellent way of getting information and keeping the issue high on the agenda.

The latest questions that MPs have asked Can be seen here.


Early Day Motions, or EDMs, give MPs an opportunity to show their opinion about an issue. Other MPs then have the opportunity to sign up to the EDM to demonstrate their support on the subject. We have a great record of gaining support from MPs of all political parties for our EDMs. After the 2010 General Election, an EDM asking the Government to publish a reduction strategy was signed by almost 200 MPs, and we have a new version which you can ask your MP to sign now. This is your chance to make a difference!


Debates take place in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords every day Parliament is meeting and can be on any subject. A Government Minister always has to respond to the debate. We provide supportive politicians with briefings, to make sure animal experimentation in always on the agenda. Earlier this year we worked with Henry Smith MP to secure a 90-minute debate on animal experiments in Westminster Hall.


We regularly meet with MPs and their staff as well, as civil servants working in Government Departments, to explain face to face what changes we would like to see in their policies.

Party Conferences

The BUAV attends all the major political Party Conferences to make sure our issues are discussed by politicians and party members.