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The BUAV is currently engaged in a number of campaigns as we seek to influence politicians and make positive change for animals in laboratories.

The latest statistics for the number of animals used in experiments showed another increase, with more than four million animals used in 2012. Jim Dowd MP has tabled Early Day Motion 442 which expresses concern for the continued increase and calls on the Government to publish its long-awaited reduction strategy. Please join our campaign by writing to your MP and asking them to sign EDM 442 today. 

Following the BUAV’s recent investigation at Imperial College London, which revealed the appalling plight of animals in laboratories, we have worked with MPs to table EDM 110 to highlight the need for an independent enquiry into our findings. Please join our campaign by writing to your MP and asking them to sign EDM 110 today. 

The BUAV has recently launched Our Best Friends, the campaign to end the use of cats and dogs in research. We have already received the support of MPs from all parties, and Early Day Motion 514 has been tabled in support of the campaign. Please help us end the use of cats and dogs in experiments by asking your MP to sign EDM 514 today.

Help the BUAV create lasting change in the policy and legislation in the UK – use our lobby tool to engage with your MP on the key animal testing issues.

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One of the BUAV missions is to create change in policy, legislation and practice by influencing decision-makers. We meet with high profile politicians, asking them to support and include our policies in their party’s plans. Even small changes in government policy can have a massive impact on the lives of millions of animals. We have had lots of success at bringing about change; from winning the  ban on the testing of cosmetics products on animals in 1997 to securing a  ban on the use of stray animals in experiments in 2012 Our supporters have helped us to make a real difference. Find out more about our policy work.

Using the law is also a central part of the BUAV’s campaigning. Ethical and scientific arguments may lie at the heart of the debate but ultimately, animal experiments are sanctioned by legislation in the UK and internationally. Find out more about our legal work.

With our supporters behind us we can achieve real change for animals in laboratories. Please Lobby Your MP to help us create a cruelty-free world.

Lobby Your MEP

We also need your help to give a voice to animals in laboratories across Europe. To lobby your MEP visit the BUAV-led European Coalition to End All Experiments website

For more on the BUAV’s legal work see Using the Law

For more on our policy work see Ways to make policy change