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About US

Established in 1898, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) is the world’s  leading single-issue organisation campaigning  to create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals.

Our dedicated team combine legal and scientific expertise, research skills, media liaison, public campaigning, undercover investigations and political lobbying in order to work effectively for an end to animal experiments and their replacement with modern and humane alternatives.

We do not receive any government funding or lottery money, and rely completely on the generosity of our supporters. To all, we would like to say thank you.

Please find out more about what we do by following the links below:

- Undercover investigations: We have a long history of showing the world the reality of life and death for animals in laboratories, sadly all too often the complete opposite of what the Government and research industry would want us to believe.

- Political lobbying: We work professionally, building relationships with MPs, MEPs, business leaders and other decision-makers. We also analyse legislation and sit on decision-making panels around the globe to act as the voice for animals in laboratories.

- The promotion of cruelty free products:
We promote products from companies that are certified under the international Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) and the Humane Household Product Standard. Marked by the Leaping Bunny, these are the only globally recognised certifications which demonstrate a genuine commitment to no animal testing within a company’s own-brand products.

- Legal and scientific expertise:
We are proud to be widely respected as an authority on animal testing issues and we are frequently called upon by governments, media, corporations and official bodies for advice or expert opinion.

- Media activities:
We are frequently called upon by journalists and the media because  we are widely respected as an authority on animal testing issues. We have worked with many high profile media outlets and have received much coverage in print, on the radio, on broadcast and online.