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ECHA responds to comments on its work plan 2014-2018

The agency responsible for the EU REACH chemicals legislation, the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA...

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The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments reacts with disappointment to today’s EU statistics on animal experimentation

The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) has announced today that the figures reve...

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BUAV condemns Animal Procedures Committee primate report as an outrageous lack of common sense

The conclusions of a report, commissioned by the Home Office and published today, that there is in...

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Study proves dogs have ‘feelings’ just like us

According to a new study, dogs use the same area of the brain to feel as we do. Of course we alrea...

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BUAV shock by massive rise in Welsh animal experiments as statistics released

The BUAV has today criticised the unacceptable 58% increase in the number of experiments on animal...

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