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BUAV tells Government to stop taking the public for a ride over animal tests and start pedalling promises it can keep

Lunch-goers in the Hornsey and Wood Green area were stopped in their tracks today by an eye cat...

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Business as usual for animals in laboratories with resignation of Norman Baker?

A question mark hangs in the air about the future for animals in laboratories in England and Wales...

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Home Office Minister responsible for animal experiments affirms animal testing commitments at BUAV event

Yesterday evening the Home Office Minister in charge of animal experiments, Norman Baker MP, spoke...

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Jim Dobbin RIP

The BUAV were very sorry to learn of the death of Jim Dobbin MP. Jim was an absolutely reliable fr...

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Party conferences: the BUAV and Cruelty Free International gear up to put animal experiments at the heart of politics

Party conference season is fast approaching and the BUAV team is getting ready for a busy few week...

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