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Save our Monkeys team to attend Mauritian Open Air Festival 2013 in London

  The BUAV Save our Monkeys Mauritius team is attending the annual Mauritian Open Air Festi...

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BUAV welcomes Italian breakthroughs on animal experiments

  The BUAV and our colleagues in the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) h...

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BUAV welcomes new stance by Philippine Airlines on primate shipments

The BUAV has welcomed a new statement made by Philippine Airlines, one of the few remaining passen...

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BUAV urges Mauritian MPs to reject clauses on animal experiments in new Animal Welfare Bill

The BUAV has written to members of the Mauritius Parliament to raise serious concerns about partic...

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BUAV speaks out against the introduction of a new bill that will legalise animal experiments in Mauritius

The BUAV Save our Monkeys campaign has spoken out against clauses contained in a new bill (The Ani...

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