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BUAV petitions Home Office to find homes for animals used in testing

The BUAV yesterday submitted its petition of over 33,000 signatures to the Home Office, calling fo...

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Yorkshire dog breeding applicant convicted of cruelty

In a stunning victory for animal protection with major implications for Britain, three Italian ...

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BUAV uncovers distressing experiment on eight healthy beagles by the Royal Veterinary College

The BUAV has uncovered a particularly cruel experiment on 18 month old beagles which caused nausea...

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BUAV Senior Research Scientist presents at alternatives conference in New Delhi

BUAV Senior Research Scientist, Dr Jarrod Bailey is today delivering a lecture at a conference on ...

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Award-winning journalist, Philippa Tomson, speaks out for animals in laboratories

Award-winning television presenter, reporter and journalist Philippa Tomson has joined the BUAV in...

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