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Highlighting the plight of rabbits this Easter

This Easter we are highlighting the terrible plight of rabbits in laboratories. Like me, you will be shocked that thousands continue to be used in UK laboratories every year. Much of this is for fundamental and applied research. Such research can be very invasive and the rabbits suffer substantially. Rabbits also continue to be used in toxicity (poisoning) tests for drugs, agricultural and industrial chemicals and food additives. This can involve rabbits having chemicals dripped into their eyes or rubbed into their shaved skin. Our Science Team has looked into the use of rabbits and found some shocking examples of recent experiments including one carried out on baby rabbits. 

We can all help rabbits and other animals this Easter by only buying gifts for friends and family that have not been cruelly tested. Please look for the BUAV’s Leaping Bunny logo to be sure you are only buying beauty and personal care gifts that have not been tested on animals. To help you, we have teamed up with Melvita who have special offers for BUAV supporters this Easter.

I have been delighted by the successful launch of Cruelty Free International, the BUAV's new global organisation to end product testing on animals worldwide. (add link to CFI) With the help of Ricky Gervais, our Ambassador, we have been able to get our message out to millions of people across the world. We have received widespread international media coverage and our new campaign video, starring Ricky, went viral, gaining over 20,000 views on YouTube in the first 24 hours! 

Our Facebook and Twitter communities are growing rapidly too, with supporters from around the world - showing that the public stands behind our call. Our message is simple: we are calling on governments and regulators to respond to both the widely held belief that testing cosmetics on animals is cruel and unethical as well as the fact there are many humane and safer ways of testing products and ingredients.

If you have not already done so, please watch our video and listen to Ricky's appeal on behalf of Cruelty Free International

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